Wedding Day Tips

Wedding Day Tips will come from everyone you know.  So here’s my advise, so now it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty to get your wedding planned. And one of the best ways to plan for your wedding is to create a timeline of events, and make sure your entire bridal party is on board. Creating and going by your timeline, helps to keep you organized to make sure every detailed is covered.

Wedding Day Tips #1 –  Talk to your photographer.  You will need to tell him/her all the details about your wedding day, so that they can ensure every special moment is captured. Providing your photographer with a timeline as well as a list of formals shots to take at least 2 weeks before your wedding is very helpful. Also as your photographer about an unplugged wedding.

Wedding Day Tips #2 Talk to the officiant. Ask how long the ceremony will be.  If at a church or other indoor venue find out how early everyone can obtain access and how late everyone can stay.

Wedding Day Tips #3 –Talk to your venue on how the long dinner should last.

Wedding Day Tips #4   Ask your DJ for a sample timeline.  It’s their job to keep the flow and momentum of the evening. And don’t forget to share your timeline with them and special moments with particular songs.

Wedding Day Tips #5  Talk to your hairstylist/make-up artist about how much time they will need.

Wedding Day Tips #6 – Have your timeline down on paper and make copies. Make sure your entire wedding party and family have copies; everyone will pull together to stay within the timeline.

Wedding Day Tips #7 – Have an unplugged wedding! Click here to learn why you should!


  • Getting Ready (Includes bride, bridesmaid, groom and groomsmen getting ready)
  • First look (if requested)
  • Pre-ceremony photos with bridesmaids, groomsmen.
  • Ceremony
  • Formals of the bridal party and families.
  • Bride and groom post ceremony portraits.
  • Reception Arrival Grand Entrance
  • First Dances
  • Maid of Honor/Best-man Speech
  • Cake Cutting
  • Bouquet and Garter toss
  • Other  special traditions or dances
  • Wedding Exit

Well, I sure hope these and sample timeline will certainly help you in your journey of wedding planning. By breaking everything down, it not only helps to put the focus on all the details, but help to determine how much wedding photography coverage you may or may not need for your big day!



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