HELLO, I AM your Dallas Fort Worth Wedding Photographer



Choosing a Photographer doesn’t have to be hard. Oh, there’s so many photographers and so little time! Everyone with a dslr camera will be coming out of the wood-works to offer up an attractive deal, you know; a lesser alternative to help save you money while in return their payment is just to portfolio build. And as tempting as all that sounds, please, please, please keep that old saying in mind.. “You get what you pay for”. Because it certainly rings true in the photography industry, and if you value the idea of having timeless, quality and perfected images that are captured on your special day, you won’t think twice about accepting the offer.

So the BIG question is, how DO YOU choose your portrait or wedding photographer? I mean how do you know if a photographer is right for you?

Well.. I believe there are many factors to take in to consideration like their quality of work, experience, creativity, gear, expertise and personality are just a few but the very last thing you should focus on is price. Whether someone is offering to do your wedding for free or someone is wanting to charge $7k…don’t let the price be the deciding factor. Remember, you get what you pay for.


So let’s focus on the result. What exactly do you want to get out of your images? Do you want the traditional posed, candid or a mix of both; or are you looking for a photographer who can capture your story and tell it with your images? The answer to these questions lies within the photographer style. Researching a photographer portfolio/blog can certainly show you his/her style.


Now let’s take a look at the photographer’s quality of work. Are the photos you see on the website consistent, clear and crisp? Does your photographer have a full wedding on display? And is that full wedding display consistent with their portfolio? Do they sample albums, canvases and other products available for you to touch, feel and hold?


When you hire a photographer to cover your wedding, you are most likely going to be dealing with this person all day. It is so important that you and your hired photographer have the same vision, agenda and that you both get along. You don’t need tension and anxiety on your wedding day, and you surely don’t need your final images reflecting that either. So get to know your wedding photographer; meet up for coffee and have several conversations over the phone.  Who knows, you JUST might make a new friend!


Your not a photographer, otherwise you might be so particular that you just might shoot your own wedding.. HA! But since your not, most likely you are very unfamiliar with professional grade gear. AND that’s OK. But you might want to take a few minutes to just double check what gear your photographer uses. You know, although it doesn’t necessarily tell you about their expertise or style but it can certainly tell you alot about skill level. So ask your photographer what gear he/she uses, then go check some of that gear out online, more specifically at the manufacturers website. You’ll be surprised at what you might learn.


You have a pen and piece of paper. Does this make you a professional writer? No, it certainly does not. It just makes you an owner of a pen and a piece of paper. The same holds true in this industry. I’ve had a camera in my hand since I was a young child, but that didn’t make me a professional photographer. Make sure your hired photographer stands up to your expectations. Ask yourself, has your photographer been published? Do they have a legal DBA?

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