Engagements Highland Park Village

Engagements Highland Park Village always turn out so beautiful. And this engagement photo session was just perfect. Monica and John are such a cute couple and super fun to work with. This was seriously the perfect location for these two! Monica’s flowing red dress was certainly to die for.

You would’t know it, but upon our arrival there was a very small wedding that had just ended in the central of the park in the gazebo.  It was certainly a sign for these two, that they were made for each other! I just love their playfulness and openness to exploring saucy new poses for pictures.

During the engagement session at this Highland Park Village the trees were dropping acorns like crazy. I had some close calls a few times, as acorns almost hit me in the head. A few did hit my arms and camera bag. You could hear lots of acorns hitting the pathways, sometimes catching me off guard and making me jump a little. But nevertheless, falling acorns can’t stop creative. Please enjoy a few of my favorite pre-wedding pictures.

These engagement pictures were shot right on the cusp of fall in October 2015 and about 1 hour before sunset. Highland Park Village has very mature older trees, lots of shade and even open places. The park is so well cared for, from evergreens to annuals, this park is certainly stunning just like John and Monica.

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